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What portion of the French population is * NOT * fully vaccinated against coronavirus?


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86 % of French people are not fully vaccinated against coronavirus (May 15, 2021)

I'll admit I'm having trouble wading through all the different statistics on coronavirus

The French government used to publish a super clear coronavirus dashboard: new cases, deaths, hospitalisations, Ehpad, vaccinations - but the layout changed recently and I find it confusing.

As the country prepares to reopen in a fit of political optimism which is not necessarily shared by the medical community (there have been dissenting voices), I wonder how many people in France are fully vaccinated.

Should be a super-simple calculation, non?

Worldmeter puts France's population at an exceedingly precise  65,399,347

And, as of today, May 15, 2021, the French government puts the number of fully vaccinated people at: 9,142,420.

Which comes to 13.98%

That should mean that the number of people in France who are not fully vaccinated is:  65,399,347 - 9,142,420 = 56,256,927.

Which puts the portion of people in France who are not fully vaccinated at 86.02%

(May 15, 2021)


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